A lot of problems are barely noticeable when they start but can grown and escalate quickly. We carefully monitor and detect any issues early. Once detected, we report any issue and we begin solving it right away. We minimize the problem so that it doesn't result in any downtime for you. Remote monitoring and support allow us to diagnose and fix problems without sending a technician to your location. While some hardware issues cannot be handled remotely, many of the day-to-day issues, such as application issues, errors and service questions, are solved remotely. A managed services provider continually monitors your company’s usage and performance. We review your server, database and file sizes and capacity. Using this data, we analyze your capacity trends so you can make informed decisions about future expansion.


We deliver specialist IT network design services throughout the area. Every network infrastructure design, however successful, needs to be refreshed every few years. IT Network Design and implementation is a great opportunity to build new infrastructure without affecting resources essential for day-to-day operations. Our representatives have widespread experience of building both WAN and LAN. We understand that the implementation phase is as crucial as network design, and we pride ourselves on minimizing the disturbances to your business. We ensure equipment is delivered, tested and configured in a timely fashion. Your business will benefit from a stable and fast platform which our team will certainly provide. One of the key measurements we use to establish whether the network design is effective is by looking at productivity and availability. To ensure productivity remains efficient, there must be high "up-times" for services and resources. VTC can provide your business with network design, infrastructure design and implementation of local area networks, secure internet access, VPN’s and inter-office networks that are not only cost effective but also tailored for your business needs.


While these services are usually offered in tandem, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery are distinct terms. Simply put, backup means copying your files onto another device such as a tape drive, external hard drive or off-site backup, while data recovery involves restoring or recovering your files or software without corruption. We will configure and manage your storage and tape backups to help prevent data loss and, if the unimaginable happens, we will help you to recover your data and continue business operations.


Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service that is designed to help meet your organization’s needs for powerful security, reliability, and user productivity. Office 365 specially tailors business productivity software to your specific industry needs. Our team maintains cutting edge industry credentials and keeps up to date on the most reliable ways to leverage your business model. Whether it be Email, File Storage, SharePoint, Skype or Identity Management, our Cloud Architects can help you plan, migrate and also train. Using Microsoft Office 365 allows you to focus more on your actual business. We walk you through every step of the process. Our role is to provide cloud computing consulting that will help you to find ways to leverage the cloud- allowing your business to do more on a smaller budget. Then we implement this plan which will save you from excessive hiring costs.


No business is the same when it comes to their software systems and requirements. If custom applications, system integration and software programming is what your business needs, we can help! Our team has extensive knowledge on all of these platforms and can deliver CRM systems, E-Commerce Websites, Production, Accounting, Inventory reports and much more. By streamlining and customizing your software, you will ultimately save time and money on your bottom line- without compromise to your organization.